Unpaid leave

I have already reflected 2017 in the post before and I briefly dropped into this post that I was taking unpaid leave from work. Well that is all about to come reality.  Over the Christmas period I haven’t really had chance to think about it all or even digest what an earth is going on. However, … More Unpaid leave


…has gone ridiculously fast. I know we aren’t at the end yet but I wanted to check in before the year is up. 2017 has been busy and in the last 3 months more hectic than ever! This year Alex and I fully settled into our new home. Decorated, renovated a bathroom, bought furnishings, had … More 2017…

Things I’ve learnt since dating a web developer

The ‘developer’. Alex, wasn’t always a coding fanatic. At the beginning, he was studying law, contemplating life and what direction to take. I saw he was always trying to learn something with IT and had a few side projects running along side his degree. After university, law went out the window and Alex got a … More Things I’ve learnt since dating a web developer

Random Road trip

After Bath, we travelled north. Our plan was always to go to Scotland, however the drive was too much in one go from Bath. We planned a stop in the Yorkshire Dales. We found a gorgeous shepherds hut in a small village called Crosby Ravensworth. This was close to well, not a lot. The nearest market … More Random Road trip