A new year, a new start!

Sounds cliché, but it feels very fitting for me right now.

This blog post should have been written over 2 weeks ago now, but I’m getting round to it all now. In May I graduated university and not long after found myself in a job I thought I wanted. I was lucky to be employed so soon after finishing and got a job that fit in with my degree. I studied Geography with Environmental Hazards and alongside university I found myself volunteering for Natural England and The National Trust to gain practical experience in conservation. My employment came from an agricultural construction contractors, working in rural areas or green space erecting fences, building footpaths or vegetation clearance. The job was not in any way easy, with 12 hour days, hard graft with not much pay to match that it became tedious.

The change came over the Christmas period when it was confirmed I had got a job with the Environment Agency and I also have to relocate for the job. The EA, a prestigious well known department not only in the nature or conservation world but for everyone all over the country. So this as someone with a geography and practical background I was and still am over the moon. My job title now is a ‘Field Team Member’ working in Field Operations to help enhance, maintain flood defences and work in incident response for emergency situations. With this role there isn’t just tasks and challenges within flooding, but pollution and air quality.

I am now 3 weeks into this job and it is definitely a contrast to what I have been used to and a learning curve. I am now eager to see whats around each corner as I can now carry on my career in what I am passionate about.

I know that with the EA there are prospects and channels that can be taken or even not taken if an employee desires. Someone can do as well or go as far as they want with the right attitude.

As of this new year and this new career path I want to blog and document my thoughts, jobs and general happenings in my life.

So here goes…


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