I have been coming to Mojacar for 12 years now, once a year if not twice without fail. It started with my grandparents getting an apartment there and ever since my family goes on holiday there. Now getting older I have subjected my best friend and now also my boyfriend to this. Showing them where I’ve been going all these years and ultimately showing off Mojacar as I am a whole hearted fan. This town as become a little haven, a home from home and I would recommend anyone to experience this.

Mojacar is South East of Almeria province in southern Spain, boarding the Mediterranean Sea with a population of around 7000. Mojacar originated from the town on the hill (Mojacar pueblo) however with the tourist boom it now has a very established beach front (Mojacar playa). This gives the area best of both worlds. The town, quaint and full of history. With its narrow lanes and passageways creating a picturesque and charming place to visit.


The beach resort holds a more tourist feel, however touristy with the Spanish on their holidays also, giving it a less western feel unlike some seaside destinations. Mojacar also holds the Indalo- Mojacar man. A magical totem bringing protection and good luck. In early days this would be drawn into houses or buildings to stop the evil eye and to protect them from storms The Indalo Man holds a rainbow between his arms bridging the physical and spiritual worlds together. This, even to this day creates a culture and a sense of community. Houses, businesses, cars and shops all have this symbolic figure somewhere on show or have symbolic reference too it. 

With all this I have grown fond of this town and with one visit, I’m sure other people would too.

Mojacar is not just a great all round destination, it is home to some of the nicest bars and restaurants. 



Fantastic location, right on Mojacar’s coast line and basically on the beach. 

A little pricey than some, however quality of the food is unbelievable. 

Welcoming and friendly staff.

La Cabana

Steak. Steak. And more steak. 

I say no more

Malu beach

Beach club perfection. Very popular with locals and Spanish tourists but very welcoming.

Sun beds €4 for the day, good music, vibe and drinks.


Fantastic decor, great seating areas

Beach club but also perfect for evening drinks or late night dancing.


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