Is the grass always greener?

“Fine as we are, but we want more – thats human nature at it’s best”

This has been playing on my mind for as long as I can remember. Other quotes come to mind such as “the grass is always greener”. Why is it that we are never satisfied with what we have in that moment and always want something different or more?

This question I have been battling with myself for some months, if not years; regarding travelling the world and ‘real life’. Once you have one thing, you always want the other. For me, this has never been more true, when I was travelling Canada I panicked that I wasn’t getting a job sorted. Nevertheless now I am sorted with a job I can’t help but think about travelling.

I have always had a burning desire to travel around the world. I have done little trips when I can but I always want more. Is this greedy? Is this putting off real life? But do you have to leave your ‘real life’ to achieve this goal? Do you have to quit your job? Am I living a full filling life? All these questions, but no answers.

Researching into travelling a lot of blogs are very to the point of; ‘leave your job and go, NOW’. One that stood out for me was a blog stating ‘If you are privileged enough to be able to afford to travel, then you should attack it with curiosity and vigour and a sense of adventure. And to hell with the bank account.’ This travel philosophy of going now as life’s too short, got me thinking about the actual practicalities of these blogs and the ability to just leave your life.  It’s all well and good saying ‘to hell with your bank account’ when in reality if you are travelling you either need savings or a getting jobs on the go. So this to me is a little rash and needs serious consideration.

The other side of the travel blog world is ‘you don’t need to quit your job to travel the world’. However researching into this, it seems people do there jobs remotely. These job routes are web based/freelance work. And my job is definitely not in that category. It seems if you are in one of those job fields you are in a serious advantage of working on the move, getting money for your next move whilst you are travelling. Although for others with none web based jobs this is unachievable and jobs would have to be left behind. Other people have suggested using all your holiday leave which as most people know this equates to not much more than 5 weeks a year give or take. Then there are other routes people choose taking unpaid leave or career breaks. these have pros and cons, one is having a lot of time off and guaranteed your job on your return but on the flip side there is no pay.

I am drawn between the two aspects, traveling to make memories, living life and the other of having a full time job/career and working towards a house and a family. I feel a pull between them, and I panic that one might not happen. I am currently in a career job and working towards a mortgage with my boyfriend. However in the back of my mind is a worry, will I just wake up at 40 and never have gone around the world to see what I want to see? I am confused of which path I am supposed to take, nevertheless I have learnt that if I want something that bad, a path will make itself known at the time that suits me.

Overall if anyone is thinking about travelling the world or having an adventure don’t just look at these desired and glorified blogs on quitting your job. You have to do what is right for you and for what your life throws at you.  I think if you are worried that you are not seeing the world right this second, that it’s okay! Do what you feel you want to do at that moment whether that is making money, having luxury holidays, starting a family or progressing up the career ladder. The travelling will fall into place. If you want something that much then there will be a the right moments in your life to take these types of opportunities.


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