British Cycling – Breeze achieved a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORD®

A shot of the women in action today at the Nation Cycling Centre

Sunday, 2nd August 2015, Breeze (the largest programme ever to get women to get cycling!) set out to break a new Guinness World Record; achievement for the most mechanical energy that was generated in one hour on static bikes. 120 women will put in 10 minutes rotations of hard pedalling on 40 bikes in one hour.
The event was held at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester where a great number of elite riders have broken many world records. This staged the occasion beautifully and over and beyond that; bringing women from all walks of life together to achieve something unique and exceptional.

With an inspirational venue and fantastic organisers with a vast amount of support, the day was a great success.

All 120 women where broken into 3 groups, all given time slots of 2 lots of 10 minutes. If you where in the 1st wave, you would also be in the 4th wave. With all 3 teams on rotation this added to the total time of an hour. Been a participant I experienced the intense first sprint, then a break cheering my fellow women and then my next wave. The second wave becoming considerably harder and everyone feeling the burn in their legs, it felt better with supports and staff cheering everyone on each pedal of the way.

Participants were instructed to keep the pace of the overall ride to 90 Watts per hour, that way we would generate enough power from each bike for overall wattage. This at first was achievable, pushing the legs, even with the resistance turned up. This got more challenging on the second wave, but pushing through all women kept a great consistency of effort throughout.

After the hour, there was a mass of noise and cheering, the adjudicator and assistants went to collate the results. As this was a new Guinness World Record there was nothing to compare to but Breeze wanted to set a cracking standard.

We SMASHED it, with a grand total of 4858 watts per hour.

The day on a whole was a victory! Furthermore, I know I can vouch for all the women that it felt humbling to be apart of this event and Guinness World Record.




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