Card File Drawer Hack

I had seen some cute vintage card file drawers online, and I had to have them. I found them to be quite expensive; I knew I could make them for less money. I purchased these draws (see below) from my first Manchester car boot sale experience (that is another story entirely)! They are very similar to the drawers from Ikea named ‘Moppe’.

IMG_5253 2
Drawers – Simple and boring


So I then got too it, I had some rough ides of what I wanted, but my main goal was to make the drawers look older and darker. I started with rounding the edges, I did this by heavily sanding them to create an edgy/aged effect. I also sanded over all the wood, to create a key for the wood stainer to stick too.


I thought about painting the draws, and ‘shabby chic-ing’ them; but I wanted to try something different. I started to rub in and paint on wood stainer. I used teak wood stain and gave them 2 coats for a deeper shade. Applying wood stain, you must always go with the grain of the wood – this was a great lesson I learnt. After all the drawers were dry I rubbed over some Danish oil, creating a shinier look and sealing the wood to prevent water damage.

Applying the first coat of wood stain

I purchased some brass plated draw pulls and loved how they already looked vintage, so I left them the way they were. The pulls looked silly with the D shaded figure cut outs on the draw, so I simply turned each draw around!!

Attaching the brass pulls was fiddly but once they were all in place it finally all came together.

Finally all put together

Finally I added paper to each slot which can be used for labelling and organisation and the drawers were complete.

I am pleasantly surprised with how authentic they look and have experimented with them in every room in my flat. They look great storing girly trinkets, knick-knacks or office supplies.

Trying out what knick-knacks I can get in the drawers
Finally found it place on my dresser

If you love them too;


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