Couch to 10km

I am no professional run blogger nor professional runner (not even close) but I wanted to share my personal running journey so far.

Me before getting sweaty!

Today I accomplished my first ever 10K race and also the furthest distance I have ever ran (without obstacles). I completed the race in 1 hour 5 minutes and 32 seconds.  I came 2205 out of 3700 candidates. To some amazing runners out there this may sound feeble in comparison, but my goodness I am so god damn proud of myself.

I started running at the end of March as something to do instead of going to the gym, as running can be done from your door step. I struggled; not even able to do 2km without stopping. I hit 3.7km 3 weeks later with a time of 26minutes.

I had heard of Park Run, and left inspired to try it out. My first was April 23rd; 5.12km in 34 minutes and 31 seconds. I carried on with the Park Run, even though I found 5km hard on the road I found it was made slightly ‘easier’ being surrounded by like minded people for the support. Great Run Local 5km in Salford Quays on a Thursday after work also helped me do two larger runs a week to build up my fitness.

I felt my runs plateau and I wasn’t getting any fitter or improving my distance. I have read somewhere that cross training is great for increasing fitness and boasting running capacity. I believe this also! I started to cycle to work in July; 14mile round trip, every working day for 3 weeks. When it came to the weekend run, I felt good. I felt I had a huge amount of optimism, energy and my distance started to increase. I feel like mixing up the exercise regime really helped my motivation and boredom within running.

During this light training and small distance improvements has also made me realise what lengths athletes and professional runners go to, to achieve what they have done and striding to their next goal. I have a new found respect and understanding, and I take my hat of to those courageous people undergoing mammoth amounts of training, with physical and mental extremes.

Getting into August; 8km was reached all in good time for the 10km that was looming on the 6th September.

Now the 10km has been reached; today in fact. I can look back and think that only a few months ago I could barely run 3km without wanting to quit. I feel this race and goal was great for me physically and also mentally pushing me to new limits. I am now thinking of my next goal, or stepping stone. I am unsure what I would like my ultimate goal to be for the future, but I am sure I will think of something. Half Marathon? Marathon? Triathlon? We’ll see!

Me; happy and red faced holding my medal.

3 thoughts on “Couch to 10km

  1. Hey, I know it is hard to have a blog which does not seem very visited, but keep up the good job. I like that you share your thoughts on so personal matters. I actually got here from your boyfriend’s blog, but still.. Nice blog of yours!


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