SUP yoga

A new craze and a new challenge has swept through the country recently; stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) yoga! And I had to try it.

I have done a little bit of yoga and pilates before. In addition, in the past I have paddle boarded. So the two mixed, sounded perfect to me.

I did wonder how the whole thing would be done but it was beautify organised and well thought out. We kitted up and grabbed a paddle and a board, off we went. We paddled to a location in Salford Quays where rope lines were already there for us to clip our boards to so we weren’t floating around the lock.


At first paddling on the canal was a little different to the sea, making me nervous as I really didn’t fancy falling in ‘lovely’ canal water. However, being that tense then helped my core muscles even more!

First, we warmed up and go to it. I am not overly familiar with yoga positions but it seemed to get more complex and difficult as the class went on. The stretches I had found easy to moderate on a hard surface became hard to difficult on the water and made everything seem new again.


I found a few things harder than others for example the head stands and a few balancing positions on my hands. It became more amusing with people falling in, making me try harder not to do so myself.


The breathing techniques and meditation aspects of the class was excellent on the water, and I felt myself drift off with the water flapping against the board.

The class was a good length of time (nearly an hour) however time flew by as I was too busy concentrating and enjoying myself.

The coach, Magda Bajer and her company Love & do yoga in North West England specialises in SUP yoga, she performed a brilliant class and I will definitely be attending another very soon.

new group sup yoga

I would recommend SUP yoga in a heart beat,and not just for the challenge but for many reasons; 

  • It will greatly improve your yoga technique: for example in downward dog, if you are weighted to one side, you will soon know about it.
  • It is more calming: preforming yoga on water can help create the sensation of floating and calming your body.
  • It feels very empowering: been stood on a paddle board is the closest to walking on water and gives you a new perspective of the water.
  • Its fun: having exercise that is fun and exciting gives you motivation and happiness.
  • Its a little scary: with the possibility of falling in the water keeps you constantly focused during the whole workout.
  • And: IT’S BEAUTIFUL! Breathing in the fresh air, soaking some rays and the natural landscape, it sure beats the gym!


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