2015 in brief

I was reluctant to write one of these ‘reflection posts’ for the last few weeks as when I looked back on 2015 I felt I was blinded by some pretty negative moments.

Nonetheless, I was sat on a plane recently (the perfect time to think) and I was angry at myself. Yes some bad things have happened this last year but they shouldn’t shadow over the positive. I began to think, I smiled, 2015 was a life changing year!

These are just some of the highlights;

  • got a career job at The Environment Agency
  • Alex and I moved in together renting our own flat
  • went go karting for valentines day
  • cooked a meal for my collage girls: Olivia, Becky and Emma at my new flat
  • best friend Zoë came to stay having an entertaining night out in Manchester
  • spent my 22nd birthday with my whole family 
  • celebrated mine and Alex’s birthdays in London, visiting The Shard
  • went to Spain for a 2 week holiday with my family and Alex
  • became a record breaker with the Breeze british cycling ladies
  • ran my first 5k
  • ran my first 10k
  • started a small business with the launch of Ness Does Upcycle
  • got a pay rise and secondment with The Environment Agency
  • tried new things – (SUPyoga and canoeing on quays)
  • met up with my dearest friend Lucy from university at The Belfry Hotel
  • managed to complete the total warrior 12k run with 30 obstacles
  • road tripped around Scotland seeing ‘the enchanted forest’ and hiking up Ben Nevis
  • Zoë and I taking a spontaneous trip to Pickering staying in a gorgeous cabin


As we leave 2015 I have lots of short term goals for this year also hoping to tick off some bucket list goals too. I won’t bore you with a massive list of these 2016 goals but I am hoping to fill it with family, friends, more crazy adventures, trips and challenges.

However I will take on board some things I learnt in 2015;

  • family is the most important thing; cherish them always as you never know when they won’t be there anymore
  • friends have your best interest at heart; don’t push them away when they are wanting to help you
  • reading is good; depending on the book it can either relax you, take you to another world or teach you something
  • things will not happen how you expected it; but thats fine because more often than not it will be better
  • make goals; short term and long term, always have something to aim for
  • having a side project or personal interest is very good for you taking your mind off stresses and routine of life


My 2015 was like everyone’s…a roller coaster. But hey, isn’t that life?


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