5 quick tips about travelling in Vietnam

1. Suncream

Sounds silly but remember to take more than you think you will need.

This shocked me, we ran out and I wondered to the little corner shop to find … None. Went into another and there was a 50 ml bottle for £8!!!

In Vietnam, it’s in their culture to not just want be pale but a need to be pale. We found many creams in the shops, but just whitening cream, no sun cream as they try not to go out in the sun without their skin being fully covered.

2. Taxis – uber

After getting ripped off and annoyed in our first few taxis, we knew there would be an easier way. UBER! It is literally everywhere now and is now in the major cities; Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. It was fantastic, charged the local rates and drivers couldn’t charge anything other or take you on a wild goose chase.

However do check which card is linked to as some card charges will be more than the fares you are charged.

3. Don’t book – wing it

I panicked at the thought of this, everything I have ever done is planned and organised to the t. Nonetheless this was the total opersite. And my god it was the best thing we did.

You aren’t tired to a place for a given length of time or you can stay longer if your heart desires.

4. Everywhere is noisy -earplugs

Take all of Vietnam in, it will be an attack on your senses but so worth it. I found however even taking it all in, I still love my sleep. Take earplugs if you are a light sleeper this will help with all the unfamiliar noises and not to mention the train journeys.

5. Establish the price of anything before hand

We found that some Vietnamese have selective hearing. After agreeing a price at the end found out we had agreed a total different one. For example 15000 sometimes can sound like 50000, which is a serious difference especially for a 10 minute taxi ride!
Make sure you both agree on a price before journeys or purchasing anythiny, use your fingers or write the number down.

Like every country it has its quirks but this is part of its beauty so have the best time and get ready to fall in love.


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