3 months have gone by….

…however in those 3 months, I have managed to get on the property ladder! I should stop right now with the ‘I’, I can’t take all the credit. This was a joint effort. My boyfriend, Alex and I have bought our first home together!

The effort of moving is what I am using as my excuse for not blogging in so long and now we are fully in and settled I have no more excuses.

We started looking for a our first home at the end of June and after 2 viewings we found our dream one. A gorgeous, unique, duplex apartment, situated in the old Salford Royal grade 2 listed building.

Seeing the advert of the property on Right Move and our offer being accepted, happened in under 36 hours. It seemed too easy. However, we were then met with the slow pace of solicitors. With a lot of chasing done by ourselves it seemed to take forever. The vendors we were buying off were emigrating and we had no chain – so we expected things to go smoothly. I guess in hind sight it didn’t take TOO long. I have heard some horror stories of the process taking months and months to complete. We completed and exchanged on October 1st 2016, 3 months from start to finish.

I guess once you get the keys you think ‘phew we are in!’, however we didn’t take into consideration how long the other bits and bobs can take. We didn’t take on a project house but we knew we would like to paint and buy our own stuff. Looking back, a warning to new home owners, things are not instant. Ordering items or arranging with contractors, there is always a longer than expected waiting list! Jobs and problems were not be resolved over night. So plan in advance people! We went 2 weeks without a mattress, which we could have bought before we moved out! And lets be honest, sleeping on a sofa bed is not fun.

Nonetheless, day by day, we got closer to the apartment feeling more like home.

We have now had the apartment painted and have started adding personal photos to the walls. This, along with the furniture we have had to buy, goes a long way towards making the apartment our own. All that’s left now is the little bits….but we can get them as we go along.

Moving Day

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Getting used to boxes and mess everywhere

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Painting and decorating

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


Feeling more like home…

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Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


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