I don’t have my s**t together and it’s January!

I find this time of year really hard. The internet is full of people raining down with their inspirational wisdom, top tips and life plans. They seem fixated on telling you how to get more out of your life or to find what is ‘missing’ from it. This seems to hit you on all forms of social media too. There is no escape.

What if you don’t have a great list of ideas or a grand plan for 2017?

Does this make you anxious? Less motivated? Don’t worry you are not alone in these feelings. I feel exactly the same, yet I am trying to remain as calm as possible.

I am a highly motivated and well organised person, so coming into 2017 with no grand plan actually freaked me out. I had no targets laid out or goals to fill. However, I realised why an earth do I need January to ‘kick myself into action’?

It is ok to not have 100% of everything worked out. 

I personally think there is huge pressure and expectation on what we are suppose to achieve in January. I believe this may actually have a negative effect on people with us giving up too early.

Lets think about this, January is the hardest month of the year. The come down from Christmas, the weather is awful and its just dawned on you there is still 3 months left of winter. And all this with trying to detox from the Christmas binge, which has a serious affect on our motivation levels. However we are still all fixated on this big ‘change’?

I am not saying we shouldn’t set goals, try be better people or decide what you want to achieve in 2017. But what I am saying is cut yourself some slack in January. Don’t pile the stress on when its already a difficult month. Eat that last piece of Christmas chocolate if it makes you feel better, don’t deny yourself that just because of the month!

I feel the reason January is so miserable is that there is nothing yet to look forward to. Change this. Give yourself something to be excited for, book up your calendar with friends, family, trips, holidays and experiences. That way you’ll have a few little treats lined up to keep you sane going through January.

Or how about changing something? January seems to welcome back the routine you managed to shift in December and now it comes crawling back. So try to keep things interesting or with a fresh feel; otherwise you’ll want to crawl under the covers until at least March.

I just wanted to offer some support to those people who aren’t feeling like the motivational quotes or smoothie drinking fitness gurus that they follow on Instagram. It is ok to not have our s**t together. Plans can wait and they will naturally form as the month/year goes on. Goals will appear and new motivation will rise up once again.

I’m trying to go into this year with a positive outlook and filled with excitement for what the year may hold. And that is enough for me!

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