Wine and Cheese evening

So this weekend was a little bit different to my regular weekends.

My girlfriends and I sometimes struggle to fit dates in to see each other, so a couple of months back we put a date in the diary. We were thinking about what to do, and then we thought of how much we actually love wine and also… cheese. So we decided I would host our first wine and cheese night!

And what a success! No crazy party/night out or anything too taxing. Just the 4 of us all together drinking lovely wine, eating lush food and laughing the night away.

I couldn’t recommend doing this enough with your friends or family as a fun get together that is different to your regular nights in.

So here’s a few tips on how to make your wine and cheese night happen;

Wine tasting decor

Every party needs that little something that shows your guests you’ve gone that extra mile. So get a little creative. Pintrest is your best friend, I used this for ideas/inspiration and then got too it. Simply spread a roll of paper as a table runner and get writing! Originally I wanted a blackboard roll of paper to write on with chalk and use as the buffet table cloth. However, this didn’t come in the post in time, so I had to think fast. I rolled lining paper over my side board and used this instead.

For easy instructions for your guests write what food you have laid out and draw arrows to indicate what can be paired with a certain wine. I used this for my wine and cheese night and it went down a treat. This shows you have taken the time to prepare a great set up and the presentation got 10/10 from my girls.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

A cute touch is to write your guest names on little tags to attach to the wine glasses. This way they’ll be sure not to loose their glass.


Wine pairings

Do some research! This will show your guests you went that extras mile. Wine goes with a lot of things and not just cheese. You will find through researching that everything from fruit to chocolate brings out the flavour of your wines! Adding that something extra, whether that be fruit, chocolate, meats or olives gives a broader variety for your guests to choose from.

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetProcessed with VSCO with f2 preset

Don’t break the bank 

I have mentioned above, my decor wasn’t exactly extravagant. I found the lining paper in the DIY cupboard from when we decorated, grabbed a sharpie pen and I scribbled away. I used lolly pop sticks, little stickers for my labels and found all the bowls/chopping boards I had in the cupboards.

I also found you don’t have to break the bank with shopping for the food and drink themselves. Don’t go wild! Aldi and Lidl have award winning wines and also cheeses. So you don’t need to go to Sainsbury’s and pay double for the same products in Aldi.

All in all, do something different with your nights in, host something different, get creative and have fun with it all.

I promise, it won’t disappoint!



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