Planning, prioritising and making decisions

At work recently I was asked to attend a ‘planning, prioritising and making decisions’ course. I laughed. At work I consider myself to be very well organised, focused and pragmatic individual when it comes to my decision making. I feel I distribute my time suitably to any work situation.  I then found this ironic prioritising this course over other task that I could be doing in its place. Nonetheless, I attended as most of my team were and saw it as a great way to build better relationships with them.

I expected the course to be very corporate and unsure what more I would take away from the experience to make my work more productive. After the introductions and understanding the objectives I was shocked with the beginning topic, ‘Your Bucket List’.

I took a step back and realised that it’s not all about being on the ball and organised at work, it is also about using these qualities  in your personal life, if not more important.

‘We all know the importance of time’ this could be adapted to any part of your life. In an organisation or business where time is literally seen as money. Time can be lost through technical problems, people and unnecessary tasks. However, in our personal life time can be seen as passing us by or been measured by our achievements.  The course/workshop was there to help us explore how we could use the right techniques and change our attitudes to becoming more self aware of situations to make you more efficient and effective in everything we do.

I realised during the course, I was effective at work, but was I with my personal life?

We went through planning tips/tools and managing workloads. We worked through ‘the priority matrix’ and added our work tasks. But wait, could this not be applied with my own goals and dreams?  Why not? I sat back at the boxes ‘DO FIRST’/’DO NEXT’/’DO LATER’ and ‘DONT DO’. It dawned on me that the things I wanted to achieve on my bucket list, whether that be a short term or long term goal could be prioritised. This gives your goals/ tasks meaning and able to see them through to the end rather than never seeing them happening.

Implementing your desires or even your everyday tasks can be daunting. So sit down and think about what is standing in your way to achieve that certain task, then address it and add it to your matrix! This could be a simple organisation problem, a shift in making your time more effect in the evenings to making room for the activities you want to achieve. It could also be a physical obstruction, such as money. ‘Travel the world’ is a big dream for many people but only a small percentage take the plunge. This is either due to the fact it isn’t high enough on peoples priority matrix’s or there are too many things in the way and they cant get past it (such as not enough money, fear of leaving work or family commitments).

I have now started adding my ideas/tasks/goals into this priority matrix style list. Looking at their matter of importance or the sense of urgency I can put plan them into my life. I find this important, constantly questioning if what I am doing is right? Is it a productive use of my time? Will I achieve everything I want to do? Or even, am I being effective with my time on earth?

In a nutshell, I ultimately  want to feel like I have time managed my life so effectively that when I’m older I can look back and be proud of the things I have achieved.

I am not urging people to start listing all aspects of their lives, as that is time consuming in itself. However, use your time wisely, with a little time management, helping you make better choices so you can spend your time doing things that are the most important and valuable to you.




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